Thematic Area are

The activities carried out in the CYTED are framed in Themes. 

The General Asamble establishes the priority areas in which to concentrate the Science , Technology and Innovation effort. 

Area Committees are the technical control agencies , which aim to design the proposed action of each area taking into account the situation in the region and ensure the efficient functioning of the actions financed within its scope . 

The functions of Area Committees :                         

  1. Analyze regional needs in scientific , technological and innovation field .     
  2. Preparing proposals Annual Operating Plan Area , which must collect research priorities during that period.
  3. To monitor the actions developed in the area and perform intermediate reviews .
  4. Support the General Secretariat in the evaluation process .
  5. Encourage the submission of Shares CYTED to the different calls .
  6. Promote mechanisms for evaluating the results.

Thematic Area are:

Área 1.- Agroalimentación

Área 2.- Salud

Área 3.- Promoción del Desarrollo Industrial

Área 4.- Desarrollo Sostenible, Cambio Global y Ecosistemas

Área 5.- Tecnologías de la Información

Área 6.- Ciencia y Sociedad

Área 7.- Energía

Área 8.- Incubadora de Empresas

Área 9.- Proyectos Estrategicos