Strategic projects

The launch of a new financing instrument CYTED we call "strategic projects" was adopted at the General Assembly CYTED 2013.

Such instrument, to be convened on a competitive basis and subsequent peer review.  These are projects that by their nature appeal to the entire Latin American region are financed by CYTED funds and external contributions of some member countries for study and dissemination in the area of ​​the participating countries. The budget funding from each agency involved (ONCYT) is intended solely to finance the activities of the groups belonging to the country in which ONCYT. 

The role of the General Secretariat of CYTED is to carry out the management, evaluation and monitoring of such "strategic projects", contributing to the funding of some groups only exceptionally. 

The topics were proposed for this period are: 

Functional foods 

Biorefineries from ligno-cellulosic

waste  Climate change and socio-economic marine and coastal 

Using waste biomass to produce transportation fuel


List of Projects and Networks Existing                                                                                                                                   

Proyecto Estratégico "VIRORED"

Proyecto Estratégico "Coiba"

List of Projects and Networks Finished

Proyecto Estratégico "Genoma"