Call Forums CYTED

"CYTED Forums" are meetings between iberoamerican entrepreneurs and researchers that address specialized topics around a specific technological sector in order to promote innovation projects, cooperation and technology transfer.

The objectives of "CYTED Forums" are:

-    Potentiate the transfer of knowledge to the public and private sectors in Latin American countries
-    Stimulate the generation of innovation projects, technology transfer and cooperation as well as attracting national and international funding
-    Enable and promote the sustainability of projects, collaborations and previously established interactions


Applicants for the "CYTED Forums" call can be organizations or institutions from the public or private sectors, and their proposals should comply with the requirements indicated in the "CYTED Forums" CALL text.

Applicants must prove that they have the funds for the completion of proposed Forum. CYTED funding is up to 10,000 euros, exclusively devoted to cover for travel and accommodation of experts.

Proposals will be evaluated by a specialized committee. After approval by the CYTED General Secretariat, results will be communicated to those responsible for the proposals via email.


- Participation of representatives of the business community, academia and the public sector
- Financing and participation of companies from the host country
- Guarantee for the visibility of the event
- Endorsement of the CYTED representative organization (ONCYT) of the host country
 - Presence of entrepreneurs from at least three different countries distinct from the organizing country.

"CYTED Forums" should be held before November 30 of each year.

For more information, please contact  (

The official "CYTED Forums" CALL text for 2016 is available download.