Open call for CYTED Actions: Innovation

CYTED permanently maintains open a Call for applications aimed at the development of new products, processes or services that contribute to improving the productive sectors and competitiveness of the region.
To participate in such a Call, applicants must contact the IBEROEKA representative in your country (IBEROEKA Agency Manager, OGI) that will be your consultant for the formulation of project ideas / partner search, elaboration of the IBEROEKA project profile, will indicate the types of funding available and, ultimately, will help to achieve certification of a project like an IBEROEKA Innovation Project for obtaining the best financing available.

The certification of a project as IBEROEKA Innovation Project by CYTED, plus a proven quality seal, offers the possibility of a priority access to funding mechanisms for innovation in each participating country.

Steps to apply for an IBEROEKA Innovation Project

The steps necessary to get the certification of a project are listed below:

• An initiative for a project arises in a company.

• Contact the IBEROEKA Manager Agency in its country.

• Development of the initial proposal and definition of the profile or preliminary project proposal.

• Search for partners and partnership by the proponents.

• Presentation of the Project by the leading company country's IBEROEKA Agency Profile Manager to the General Secretariat of CYTED.

• Circulation of the project profile among IBEROEKA Project Managers of other countries during a month period, for possible incorporation of new partners.

• In case of incorporation of new members, preparation of the whole joint profile or final proposal.

• Confirmation of project eligibility by the IBEROEKA Management Organisations involved.

• Certification of the project by the Secretary General of CYTED.

• Application for, and approval of, funding through the IBEROEKA Management Organisations.

• Implementation, monitoring, completion and reporting of project completion.