They are defined as technology brokerage meetings between entrepreneurs and researchers Ibero-American organized in one of the member countries of the CYTED Program, and around a specific technology sector projects to promote innovation, technology transfer and cooperation. The themes must have a high degree of specialization.

The specific call for CYTED mini forums derived from the conclusions of the "Committee CYTED Areas and Instruments" adopted by the General Assembly in Panama CYTED (November, 2013). Change of name to forums as approved by the Board and CYTED General Assembly in Santiago, Chile (November, 2015)

The competition is open to any organization or institution, public or private, interested in promoting meetings / interactions between employers and Latin American researchers.

Its objectives are:

· Boosting the incorporation of knowledge to the public and private sector in Latin American countries.

Stimulate the generation of innovation projects, technology transfer and cooperation as well as attracting national and international funding.

· Facilitate and sponsor the sustainability of projects, collaborations and interactions previously established.

a- General Requirements

The Forum should consider a multi-stakeholder participation, including business representatives (associations, business organizations) from academia and the public sector, with previous activity demonstrated in the subject matter.

The organizers must accredit the companies funding and participation by the host country. The budgeting of income and expenditure is essential for evaluation. The presentation of "Monitoring and Implementation Report" is indispensable for CYTED financing condition.

The visibility of the event must be guaranteed, for which it must publish and disseminate both celebrate their relationship with innovation and technological development.

b- Specific requirements

· The Forum should be supported by the ONCYT / OGI the country where the event is held.

· Entrepreneurs must attend at least three different countries of the organizer.

· We recommend the assistance of experts and researchers from the Ibero-American area with recognized standing and experience in the specific subject matter of the Forum.

· We recommend the attendance of representatives of ONCYT / local OGI and, where appropriate, of the Thematic Area of ​​the CYTED Programme related to the Forum, or an expert delegated by the Secretary General Committee.

· For reasons of administrative and economic nature, the celebration of the Forum will be held prior to November 30 of each year.

· Although there is no thematic restrictions, the subject matter of the Forum should be a strategic priority for the host country, and also be relevant to the development plans of the countries in the Latin American area.

· The issue addressed must have a clear focus on technological innovation.

· Have priority in terms of funding, those forums that address issues related to the priority thematic lines CYTED.

· The Forum should reserve a space dedicated to the presentation of the CYTED.

· The speakers must have accredited to the subject matter of the Forum experience and CV It must be available to the General Secretariat of CYTED if it needs it in the phase of assessment and monitoring of the activities of the Forum.

Foros 2016

25-28 de abril.-(ESPAÑA) Foro “Innovación en dietas para la tercera edad, una mirada a Iberoamérica”

18-19 de agosto.-(NICARAGUA) Foro “Las TIC en el desarrollo de las micro, pequeñas y medianes empresas”

21-22 de septiembre.- (El Salvador)  Foro Tecnologías de información y comunicación para la toma de decisiones en el sector agropecuario”

3-5 de noviembre.- (Chile) Foro "Modelo innovador de gestión integrada para la reutilización de territorios mineros"

21-23 de noviembre.- (Perú) Foro "Tecnologías facilitadoras y de la automatización para la mejora de la competitividad empresarial e industrial”

24 de noviembre.- (Uruguay) Foro "BioEconomía Regional: nuevos productos a partir de biomasa"

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