Innovation IBEROEKA Projects, launched in 1991, are a tool aimed at the industrial sector to promote cooperation between companies in the field of research and technological development.

IBEROEKA management corresponds to the Latin American Network of Organizations Managers IBEROEKA, appointed in each one the countries participating in the program.

Innovation IBEROEKA Projects are generated in a bottom-up manner, that is, the participating companies devise and decide their project and the terms for fulfillment. In each project, companies decide on their partners and the partnership agreement, shared risk and the cost assumed by each partner and how the project results will be shared in the exploitation phase.


The main objective of IBEROEKA is increasing the  productivity and competitiveness of industries and national economies through close collaboration between companies and research centers, to consolidate the foundation for lasting prosperity within the Latin American community.

This objective is achieved by promoting and facilitating intense industrial, technological and scientific cooperation among participants, and is oriented towards the development of products, processes and services into a potential market. Such cooperation shall be based, where possible, in new technologies that allow companies to acquire a solid technological base.