Secretary General

Signatory Organizations

Member countries are represented and participate in CYTED through their corresponding Signatory Organizations. These entities, which are the National Science and Technology (ONCYT) of the signatory countries, make up the collegiate bodies of CYTED. In the case of Spain, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) also participates as Signatory Agency.
The designation of an institution as a Signatory Agency in CYTED is determined by the Government of each member country.

Generals Secretaries

2012.- Alberto Majó Piñeyrúa

2003 – 2012 .- Fernando Aldana Mayor

1998 – 2003.- José Antonio Cordero

1997 – 1998.- Horacio Díaz del Barco

1989 – 1996.- Jesús Sebastián Audina

1986 – 1989.- Manuel Casero Nuño

1984 – 1986.- Eduardo Lechuga Jiménez